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Universal Conversion Technologies
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About Universal Conversion Technologies

Years of Experience Mean Innovative Approaches

Universal Conversion Technologies was founded by Dan O'Hara in 1992, and maintains company headquarters in Dallas, Texas. All product and service functions are managed through the Dallas office. Our customers include U.S., Canadian and Asian financial services companies.

More than 60 companies have used UCT's data migration tools and data migration methodology to implement migrations of millions of insurance policy records. These migrations have included the related plan and rate file information, agency, billing, claims, policy and client files from most of the packaged financial services and insurance administration systems and many home-grown systems, as both the source and target systems.

We believe that data file migrations are best approached as a business process rather than as a technical challenge. Quality and efficiency arise by engaging the life/financial business experts, not just the technicians, throughout the process. UCT offers more than just software; we offer a total data conversion and migration solution, backed by a solid core of financial services data migration experts and unprecedented data migration methodology.

UCT Management

Extraordinary experience characterizes UCT's senior management, averaging more than 25 years in the Financial/Insurance field.

Dan O'Hara

Dan O'Hara is founder of UCT (the data conversion and data migration experts)

UCT was founded in 1992 by Dan O'Hara, FLMI, with over 25 years experience in the life insurance industry at the time, including senior level consulting involvement in many large-scale data conversion projects.

Dan is above all an entrepreneur. He knew there had to be a better way to do data conversions, and he knew he would find that way and bring it to the corporate world.

Using his extensive background and expertise in life insurance conversions, and consequent experience in the development of generic software for the industry, Dan re-engineered the data conversion process from a business perspective. Using a combination of data conversion tools and reusable data conversion components, along with technical and business expertise, he molded a new conversion methodology that has been embraced by the life insurance and financial services industries.

Dan's development team has perfected the software that makes his vision of driving the data conversion through the business layer a reality. He has assembled a management team and a family of consultants that make sure UCT can effectively handle any data conversion contingency. Even so, after a dozen years of success, millions of records and billions of dollars in policy values converted, Dan has still been known to show up at a customer site to personally teach a mapping class.

Rae Albertini

Rae Albertini is President and COO of UCT (the data conversion and data migration experts)

Rae is President and Chief Operating Officer of UCT. He has experience in IT management, professional services and IT consulting from years of working in the insurance and health care industries. He's been a part of successful projects with the likes of American Bankers Insurance Group, John Alden, Assurant, Pinnacle Partners in Healthcare, and Integra Healthcare Management.

As the IT lead in mergers and acquisitions, he experienced first hand the challenges of managing large multi-company integrations and technology conversions. The beauty of UCT to Rae is it solves the data conversion & data migration problem for the IT executive, and lets the IT organization focus on the remaining issues confronting successful system integrations.

Earlier in his career Rae was a principal in Tatum, LLC, a firm serving the office the CFO, Director of Professional Services in the IBM Consulting Group and Director of Operations in the IBM National Federal Marketing Group in Washington, D.C

For information on our data conversion and data migration solutions, contact Rae Albertini at (972) 717-5690 or submit our online information request form.

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