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UCT's COBOL Code Analysis Tool*

Our Code Crawler makes sense of COBOL code

The Code Crawler can be optionally added to UCT's data migration toolset: DCA. It provides rich data analysis capability for COBOL source code files. Use the Code Crawler to...

The Code Crawler is used for COBOL source code analysis
  • Drill down into source code through links to useful information
  • See pertinent information minimized to the only the paragraph(s) of interest
  • View program flow - what programs are called by what programs
  • Search source code files for terms and related terms
  • Create custom lists of related search terms
  • See all fields or files used in a program and then click to see how they are used
  • See the code with various line types color-coded
  • See the code presented with common spacing and indentation

Call UCT to learn more

If you are working with complex COBOL application code, the COBOL Code Crawler can help. For more information, contact Rae Albertini at (972) 717-5690 or submit our online information request form.

* Note: UCT's COBOL Code Crawler is available for beta testing.

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