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Data Conversion Architect Reporting

Make sense of a Data Migration attempt

UCT's methodology rapidly evolves a data migration solution through repetition. Each attempt has good things that need to be brought forward into the next attempt and problems that must be left behind. DCA Reporting is the data migration tool that makes that happen.

DCA automatically introduces logic into its generated migration modules to detect and report common errors. In addition, DCA users can add custom status messages or logic to detect and report other errors into the migration logic. When the modules are built into the completed conversion system and it is executed, messages are generated. DCA Reporting collects those messages and formats them into portable, user-friendly reports. The reports include drill-down features that allow the user to move quickly from summary information on to detailed data. In addition, messages can be tagged with issue IDs and assigned to various users or organizations. The rapid analysis capabilities and easy-to-use format make DCA Reporting a highly valued tool within the UCT Data Migration tool set.

DCA Reporting includes all the features you need for management, analysis, and tracking of data migration issues:

Built-in reporting compares migration attempts using Agile techniques to evolve a solution
  • Real time data analysis and audit integrity
  • Conversion results from cycle-up through final totals
  • Balancing, reconciliation, and validation information
  • Exception reports and other messages
  • High-level management reports allow what-if modeling scenarios
  • Displays information about map logic and conversion flow
  • Analyzes conversion problem hierarchy (fix most important problems first - cascade effect)
  • Shows error by assigned resource and organization
  • Retains history of previous runs for comparison and progress reports
  • Improves efficiency in all phases from unit tests to final conversion runs
  • User-friendly and portable report format

Call UCT to learn more

UCT Reporting was specifically designed to support complex data migrations. If you are facing a complex data migration challenge, you will benefit from UCT's expertise and techniques. For more information, contact Rae Albertini at (972) 717-5690 or submit our online information request form.

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