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Data Conversion Architect

Data Mapping & Conversion Module Creation

UCT's web-enabled flagship the Data Conversion Architect (DCA) puts your business experts in control. Your subject matter experts (SMEs) use business rules to drive the data conversion process.

Included Features

Conversion experts add business logic to maps, which DCA turns into data conversion and data migration modules
  • Generates conversion modules from business rules
  • Auditing and balancing business rules automatically created
  • Built-in reporting services provide data migration metrics and analysis
  • Creates XML, delimited data, flat files, and common insurance transactions to load target data structures or drive transactions through the target system
  • Creates user friendly and perfectly synchronized documentation of migration actions
  • Synchronizes DCA items to the conversion platform in real time
  • Sophisticated data audit and data cleanup capabilities
  • Fully customizable Compare/Balance functionality verifies results
  • Run-time exceptions tracking
  • Message board retains project information and enhances team communication
  • Automated software updates
  • Complete Help and Reference documentation


Agile methodology uses built-in reporting to help measure success between data conversion attempts.
  • Thin client web application
  • Creates a conversion system, which can run in any environment
  • Platform and database independent
  • Non-invasive software

UCT's Unique Methodology

  • Agile methodology rapidly evolves the ultimate data migration solution
  • DCA tool allows the business experts to drive the solution development
  • The discovery of new requirements is anticipated and they are readily accommodated
  • Migration actions are self documenting and verifying and auditors are able to track and confirm the process
  • Reuse knowledge - never reinvent the wheel - do what is known to be successful using components from previous projects when possible

Call UCT to learn more

The UCT solution was specifically designed for complex data migrations. If you are facing a complex data migration challenge, you will benefit from UCT's expertise and techniques. For more information, contact Rae Albertini at (972) 717-5690 or submit our online information request form.

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