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What our Customers are saying about UCT

"On behalf of our CEO at Patriot, Steven Mariano and I, we wanted to personally thank you for your commitment to this project. Your devotion, hard work and effort helped make the conversion project a success. We are pleased that the system is fully implemented and we know that it couldn't have been done without the talented resource at UCT. Many thanks and appreciation to each of you and the rest of the UCT team."
Judith Haddad - EVP, CIO/CTO at Patriot National Insurance Group

"UCT was a pleasure to work with. As a firm they are focused in a very specific problem space and they know that space very well. They brought a disciplined approach, deep domain knowledge, and a thorough understanding of both our source and target systems to our conversion project. I found them flexible to work with yet they knew when to push us to assure a successful outcome."
John Heidelberger - VP & CIO Individual Life and Disability at The Guardian

"UCT's staff was a great asset during the assignment and played important roles in its success."
Greg Engler - AVP, I.T. Product Development & Maintenance at Penn Mutual

"Just an update to our conversion project, we are on target to be completed in March as planned. We have approx. 100 groups left to convert. The group recon, member recon and bill recon reports have been very instrumental in keeping us on plan and they continue to produce on every group we convert. So, it is very easy to recommend your company since we have seen great results."

"With UCT we didn't have to start from scratch. They already had a proven compare tool that was both slick and quick. We were able to successfully convert 300 files in a fraction of the time it would have taken with any other offering. UCT proved to be a highly risk effective solution for us."

"When we first looked at UCT, we didn't realize how good they were. But, on taking a closer look, the light bulb went on and we realized what an incredible toolset UCT offered. Their conversion toolset was not just robust, but promised to deliver the conversion results we needed - faster, better and at a comparable cost to the other options we evaluated."

"Dayna and team have been doing a great job and are a pleasure to work with."

"All the mapping issues are resolved, thanks to the perfect validation reports generated out of the DCA tool! In this project in addition to the varied features of DCA, the guidance from your team was immense! The extraction routines are performance tuned to the extent that, currently for entire production contracts of 110,000 the extraction time is less than 20 minutes! The processes built for existing DB2 conversion are also reused in this. With all the reuse in place we were able to reduce the timelines by 1 calendar month and effort was reduced by more than 20%... In fact the tool is so user friendly and easy to operate, currently only one person is involved in mapping entire project maps in the tool."
Excerpt from a customer status report

"To all our UCT resources, I wanted to take a moment to send you all a huge THANK YOU! It was shared with me today the POLICY CFF and BALANCE CFF files a full week ahead of schedule. The other 3 files, ACCTG, AUTO and CHANGE will be delivered next week.

I know you have all worked many hours, faced and resolved issues, and have moved ahead despite ambiguity. On behalf of our conversion team, and the TOPSAC team leadership, Thank you very much!

Going into the project, I had some anxieties, but I am happy to share with you that my anxiety is gone, and I have every confidence that we have the right group of people working on building the CFF files, and our team will deliver on all the promises that have been made. There will be lots of challenges we will face in the coming months, and I am certain we will all rise to the challenges and resolve them with solid solutions."

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