Data Conversion Case Studies

A Challenging Mainframe Release Upgrade Project

The Problem - Retrofit Over 1000 Mods and Catch Up To Six Years of Releases

Penn Mutual Life, a prominent Northeastern insurance company, needed to apply six years of accumulated release upgrades to their mainframe Life administration system, and integrate 1000 custom modifications in a compressed timeframe with no room for project slippage. Complicating the project, some mods required retrofits to work on the final release which necessitated extensive testing. They had run the release upgrade programs and now needed staff augmentation to perform retrofits, code review, regression and model office testing. The environment was complicated in that the mods were in Assembler. While some UDT tables were changed to transactions, which eliminated some of the modifications, the transactions still had to go through testing.... Read Entire Case Study

Consolidating Agency Processing Systems

The Problem - Converting multiple Agency systems to one newer system

A large diversified Midwestern financial services organization needed to retire their old Agency systems and move the data from those multiple systems onto a new Agency system. They had agents on several systems, getting multiple commission statements and checks. When there was an administrative change for an agent, it had to be entered on several systems to keep in sync. Vesting records and contract dates varied on the multiple systems causing discrepancies. Additional staffing was necessary to administer the multiple systems, from agency services to nightly cycle staff. Combining Agency records to one system allowed the company to achieve major cost savings. Multiple product lines were involved, such as life, annuities, health and DI... Read Entire Case Study

Phased Worker's Comp and P&C Conversion

The Problem - Carrier needs to convert data from legacy mainframe system accurately and economically

A large, independently represented Mutual insurance company with over $510M in assets under management purchased new server-based claims and policy administrative systems from CSC: Advanced Claims and Point In. They planned to convert 7 lines of business: Worker's Compensation, Umbrella, Commercial Auto, General Liability, Inland Marine, Crime, and Commercial Fire. Their AS400 mainframe system housed the data for these lines in over 50 different legacy system files for policies and claims. They wanted to do a multi-phase conversion of over 12,000 commercial line policies plus their client information, over 175,000 claims, implement a new system, test the new system, test the converted records, and finish the projects economically and within a aggressive timeframe... Read Entire Case Study

Balancing 1 Million Lives

The Problem - How to Validate and Reconcile Policies in a Compressed Timeline

A major financial services company with a statutory surplus of over $2B in 2008 sold their group health insurance business, including the associated Facets administrative system license to a third party administrator (TPA). The life, AD&D, STD, LTD, dental, and some health business was retained, forming a third party administration agreement allowing the originating company to continue group administration processing on the TPA-owned Facets system. The originating company retained approximately 5,000 policies with roughly 1 million member lives of which approximately 1,300 policies were to be non-renewed. The objective was to convert the remaining 3,700 life, AD&D, STD, LTD, and dental policies to a new COMPASS administration system. Upon completion of the conversion and non-renewal process, the third party administration agreement would terminate and the originating company would no longer have access to the Facets administration system. Facets was scheduled to be decommissioned the fall of 2009... Read Entire Case Study

A Data Conversion Solution in Action

The Problem - Convert 350,000 UL and VUL policies to a new administration system with minimal impact on customer service

A major US life insurance provider was looking for a turnkey data conversion solution that included modifications, interfaces, and conversion services. After more than two years and several iterations, their own in-house study concluded that the job required a three-phase effort totaling 30 months and millions of dollars. When three major consulting companies were called in, two stated that the time line was too short and the budget too small. The third simply refused to bid. Then UCT stepped in, with a bid of 14 months and only 75% of the provider's own projected budget... Read Entire Case Study

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