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UCT Specializes in Data Migrations

If you have a Data Migration challenge, UCT can help

UCT specializes in turnkey data conversion solutions and has the tools and expertise necessary to support all aspects of any system data conversion project. For over 20 years, we've been building on our data migration knowledge base. We have migrated to or from nearly every conceivable policy administration system and have experience with all common financial platforms. We have a staff of highly skilled and very knowledgeable professionals. We are never rigid in our project implementation because we know that every customer brings their own particular requirements to a data migration project.


Our products include both SOFTWARE TOOLS and METHODOLOGY

Traditionally UCT has concentrated in the Life Insurance arena. We understand the challenges of complex life insurance and financial systems data conversion projects. We understand the importance of a thorough project methodology, including a detailed system analysis, task lists, dependencies analysis, and above all, assembling a working team. We understand the implementation cycle and we understand the crucial role of model office testing. And we've experienced the sometimes-frustrating cycles of acceptance testing and exceptions handling. And as we expand our base, we're proving that this same methodology applies to the Health Insurance, Property & Casualty and county government arenas. UCT's software, designed for real users in production environments, embodies the most proven and successful data conversion techniques. Whatever your application, each tool in our software kit forms part of an overall holistic solution, part of a total data file conversion methodology.

UCT's reputation is outstanding

UCT's reputation is built on many years of experience in the insurance industry and in conversions and cleaning up data during conversions. What companies often don't understand is that it takes a large team of people from a big IT outsourcing service to accomplish what we do with a very small team. We do it faster, leaner, better. Our timelines and resource usage is so much smaller that we actually cost less than a big company, and we do it better because we understand the industry and the data.

We can work alongside an IT outsourcer or a client team and still finish the conversion faster and better. As one of our recent customers experienced, they spent almost two years trying to convert from a legacy life insurance policy administration system with a very sharp group of offshore engineers, but they didn't have the conversion experience nor the industry knowledge to accomplish the conversion. Yes, they might have eventually completed it, but there would have been an untold number of issues afterwards that would have had a big impact on the final cost and timeline.

Karen Timble - UCT Project Manager and Insurance/Conversion Expert

All of our customers have been pleased with their choice of UCT as their data migration partner. All of our projects have been successful. For exceptional references, contact Rae Albertini at (972) 717-5690 or submit our online information request form.

Nobody is more qualified to support your data migration than UCT

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