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Data Migration Tools

UCT's data conversion product line offers a total package of software and tools to help you complete your data integration project, from project planning, data analysis, data scrubbing and cleanup, mapping, data file conversion, to balancing and reconciliation.

Data Conversion Architect (DCA)

DCA is UCT's data migration and data conversion toolset Browser-based, point and click mapping, with project management and specially designed system update compatibility features. DCA contains a full complement of software tools for:

DCA allows for complete project management and tracking. Plus DCA offers the same dynamic data audit and data cleansing capabilities that you've come to expect from UCT software! View more information on our product, Data Conversion Architect.

DCA Reporting

Reporting is used to measure data conversion success in our Agile Methodology

The UCT Solution includes extensive services for collecting status and analyzing errors called DCA Reporting. DCA Reporting collects the various error, warning, and status messages that are created during a data migration and provides tools for understanding them. Here is what DCA Reporting provides:

  • Automatic message creation
  • Multi-tiered message severity
  • Custom messages
  • Up to 50 data points per message
  • Message assignment
  • High-Level Message summaries
  • Drill down into message detail data

View more information about DCA Reporting.

COBOL Code Crawler

The UCT Solution optionally includes COBOL source code analysis features called the DCA Code Crawler. The Code Crawler analyzes a collection of related source code files and identifies the fields, files, sections (procedures), and programs. Rich analysis tools help the user understand the raw code and isolate business rules. Here is what DCA Code Crawler provides:

The Code Crawler is used for COBOL source code analysis
  • Drill-down Code Analysis
  • Field List and Field Usage
  • File List and File Usage
  • Search - include synonyms/abbreviations in search
  • Portable synonym/abbreviation lists
  • Common code formatting regardless of actual formatting
  • Color-coded line types

View more information about DCA Code Crawler.

UCT's Data Migration Tools can help

UCT has the tools, expertise, and techniques to make your data migration efforts successful. For more information about UCT's Data Migration Tools, contact Rae Albertini at (972) 717-5690 or submit our online information request form.

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