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Data Conversion Engineer Announced by UCT


Data Conversion Engineer Announced by UCT

Dallas, TX - Universal Conversion Technologies (UCT) has announced therelease of Data Conversion Engineer (DCE) . DCE is a multi-language "black box" reengineering of the company's trademark Conversion CASE Tool. Like UCT's original tool set, the Engineer accomplishes complex data conversions by automatically creating conversion code from maps created with plain English commands. In addition, the Engineer:

  • Generates conversion code in the customer's preferred language. Currently the Engineer produces output in C and COBOL. Additional languages can be added on a modular basis.
  • Is platform independent. The Engineer can operate on whatever platform you need and move with your company's operations as they migrate and expand.
  • Is written in ANSI C. Creating the Engineer in the standard application language of todayand the future ensures a lasting compatibility and usability in all environments.

"As more and more financial services companies find themselves in multi-platform environments, supporting both host, client/server, and Internet architectures, we believe the Engineer is going to answer their needs," said Dan O'Hara, President and CEO of UCT. "For example, with the Data Conversion Engineer, the same maps used to manipulate data on the mainframe can be used on the LAN in a Windows®-based C application, or over the Internet in Visual Basic applications. As the industry becomes more flexible, so do our tools."

DCE includes a modular design that promotes ease of future expansion, with the mapping command structure maintained in an independent component. The output language specifics are also encapsulated in separate modules, allowing for a high degree of adaptability as requirements change. The design allows for the easy addition of new commands, functions, and languages as required. DCE is fully backward compatible, so all prior versions of UCT maps can still be used with the new tool, making the task of upgrading completely transparent.

UCT expects to have DCE in BETA production with a major insurance provider by the close of the first quarter, 2001. General release is expected by the third quarter of 2001. Universal Conversion Technologies (http://www.uctcorp.com) was founded in 1992 by Dan O'Hara, and maintains company headquarters in Dallas, Texas. All product and service functions are managed through the Dallas office. UCT's customers include both U.S. and Canadian life insurance companies.

More than 40 companies have used UCT's data conversion tools and methodology to implement conversions of millions of financial records involving billions of financial values.

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