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Upgrade to DCA 7.1

UCT Delivers Data Conversion Architect Version 7.1

New features and improvements make Message Management easier and handle changing target DDLs

Addison, TX, December 14, 2007 - Universal Conversion Technologies (UCT) continues to grow the power of its conversion tools with release 7.1 of the Data Conversion Architect (DCA). DCA is a custom application created by UCT to manage all aspects of conversion program development and automatically generate conversion modules from simple conversion logic that anyone can create. Among the many improvements in this release, DCA v7.1 brings the ability to assign messages in maps and addresses the problems related to converting to a changing target system. Version v7.1 is ready for general release to all of UCT's clients.

Here is a brief description of the primary new features that have been added:

  • Owner Assignment in Maps - DCA users can now assign message owners directly in the map commands that generate messages. This significantly speeds up message management, enhances map walkthroughs, and "completes" the message files by bringing in all pertinent information. A "complete" message file can be processed by DCA Reporting, Excel, or other utilities and present a common picture of conversion success.
  • Dynamic DDL Handling - DCA can create record definition files from database table definitions in a DDL. DCA v7.1 makes processing of changing DDLs even easier. It recommends better names, remembers the ones it used last, and allows the user to override selected identifiers. This is essential when developing a conversion system for a changing target system
  • More Formatted Excel Reports - DCA has expanded its Excel support. Its utilities now include user detail and record detail reports and the user can choose to process from 3 sources: DCA Reporting files, raw message files, and the database.
  • DCA Reporting Improvements Faster report loading, a new Run-is-loaded indicator, automatic run clearing, and better error detection sand reporting are some of the Reporting enhancements for this release.
  • Unit Test Summaries - Sometimes, like during unit tests, you need to see results NOW. In DCA v7.1, UCT has removed the barriers to instant results by enhancing its utilities to provide much of the same information as is available in DCA Reporting. The utilities can be run to create message summaries immediately after results are created and in the same environment bypassing run management and loading steps in DCA Reporting.
  • MIXEDCASE String Formatting - DCA v7.1 recognizes a need for mixed-case string formatting and adds a new command to its arsenal. With a single map command, the user can properly format a mixed-case string.

These are just some of the improvements to DCA that come in version 7.1. We are committed to driving down the cost of conversion for our clients and never stop making our solutions better.

To see how DCA version 7.1 can cut your conversion costs, contact Dan O'Hara at (972) 717-5690.

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