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Get DCA 8.0 - Faster Navigation and More!

UCT releases Data Conversion Architect version 8.0

UCT is pleased to announce the general availability of DCA 8.0. The list of improvements includes a new Project Explorer view, resizable windows, XML processing features, and much more. One of our users called the DCA 8.0 changes an "Amazing improvement!" Another says she is "Thrilled to be on 8.0!" To upgrade your system or purchase a new license, contact Rae Albertini at (972) 717-5690 or submit our online information request form.

Here is a brief description of the primary new features that have been added:

  • Project Explorer - DCA now allows you to navigate your conversion project and systems with ease using the new Project Explorer view. Less drill-down and fewer clicks make you even more productive. Wherever you need to go, the Project Explorer gets you there faster.
  • XML Input Commands - DCA has long supported XML as output and now supports XML as input. New commands allow you to reference XML elements right in a map. Code to extract and move elements in an XML stream is automatically generated from simple map commands.
  • Oracle DDL Processing - DCA now includes enhancements that allow it to processes native Oracle DDL. DCA was originally only required to handle SQL 92 compliant DDL and SQL Server specific DDL. When used with Oracle DDL, the user sometimes needed to make minor DDL changes. With DCA 8.0, no manual DDL adjustments are necessary.
  • Resizable Windows - DCA has broken away from static window sizes and now has fully resizable feature windows. Use the full screen mode to maximize what you can see in DCA.
  • Message Severity Tuning - Sometimes you need the generated code to run as fast as possible. The new Message Severity Tuning feature can help. With simple changes to the Run Data, UCT Messaging can be "tuned" to not process messages with a particular severity or combination of severities. This means less processing of unnecessary data, less I/O, and faster overall conversion processing.
  • Faster SAMPLE Processing - DCA has improved the code that is generated for SAMPLE processing to make it much more efficient.
  • New Date Command Controls - You asked for full control of error messages during date processing and DCA 8.0 delivers. Use the NOLOG clause on the date commands when custom error messaging is included in a map to avoid duplicate or cryptic messages.

These are just some of the improvements to DCA that come in version 8.0. We are committed to driving down the cost of conversion for our clients and never stop making our solutions better.

Cut your conversion costs even further with DCA version 8.0.

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