DCA v9.0 - More Data Migration Automation!

Data Conversion Architect version 9.0 is now available

Universal Conversion Technologies (UCT) is pleased to announce the availability of the Data Conversion Architect (DCA) version 9.0. UCT provides data conversion services and tools in support of legacy application migrations, system consolidations, and other complex data conversions. The DCA tool suite accepts conversion logic entered by business analysts (not programmers), and uses it to automatically generate the necessary conversion utilities. The business logic is represented as precise and easy to understand documentation. Through DCA and UCT's methodology, the traditional data migration project timeline is greatly reduced.

The following changes in release 9.0 of DCA increase the automation of common tasks thereby continuing to drive down the cost of data conversions. For an overview of DCA visit the Data Conversion Architect product page.

  • COUNT BY VALUE Messages - The COUNT BY VALUE command now support an optional replacement message. This new feature helps clarify reported data. It also provides a great deal of flexibility by allowing counts of the same field to be split up or counts of different fields to be combined.
  • COUNT BY VALUE Comments - Comments can now be automatically retained and applied to COUNT BY VALUE messages in DCA Reporting.
  • Project Archive - DCA 9.0 has a new project archiving feature. This feature automatically creates archives for projects and also allows the user to restore past versions of whole projects or select and recover archived items individually.
  • External Table Improvements - The DCA external table edit features are new and improved. Now you can add comments to tables and field values and import data from spreadsheets or other sources more efficiently.
  • Formatted Map Presentation - Users of DCA v9.0 can now view data related to any other project element while editing and not have to save changed data and restart the editor; the view is opened up in a new window and the user can continue to edit without interruption.

At UCT, our goal is to drive down the costs of data conversions and legacy application migrations. We are legacy application experts and have performed 100s of data conversions. For more information, contact Rae Albertini at (972) 717-5690 or submit our online information request form.

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