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Product Configuration should be based on Data

Are you searching your code for business rules?

One of the most complicated aspects of a system replacement is configuring the new system to support existing products. The information about the existing products is locked inside the old system and it needs to be exposed before it can be applied to the new application. One common method for exposing old product configuration information is through source code analysis. If you are engaged in source code analysis, UCT has programmers and a source code analysis tool that can help.

Even though source code analysis can be a big help, UCT recognizes the drawbacks to this technique when it is used by itself:

  • The existence of a business rule in code does not mean it is being used - In other words, while the code might provide for all sorts of products, it may be that there are no actual policies of that type.
  • Product configuration information lives in many places other than source code - It can live in database tables, data files, JCL, assembler code, and any number of other places and searching source code will never completely illuminate everything that is needed.

UCT exposes product configuration rules through data analysis

The data never lies. No matter where the rules live or what rules exist, the data always contains everything that is needed. UCT has data analysis techniques that expose product configuration rules solely by looking at the data. Conceptually, if a data analysis shows that whenever there is a value in one source field, there is a complimentary range of values in a different field(s), this is a business rule. A UCT insurance expert knows what fields to look at and how to interpret the relationships into product configuration business rules. The beauty of this technique is that...

Only the rules that are needed are exposed!

For more information about UCT's product configuration techniques, contact Rae Albertini at (972) 717-5690 or submit our online information request form.

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