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Data Conversion Proof of Concept

UCT has a Proof of Concept opportunity for those that want to try our solution on a smaller scale before they commit to a full-scale engagement

What Do You Get?

At the end of the Proof of Concept, UCT will deliver a working model or prototype conversion system, including:

DCA accepts business logic and generates data conversion modules
  • Fully documented maps, showing all the business rules for each conversion step
  • A mini conversion system, including code to drive the conversion of the selected files from source system to target
  • Online and (if desired) paper reports showing data analysis and clean up, and conversion balance and exceptions handling
  • A written statement of understanding as to what constitutes a successful Proof of Concept
  • Depending on the exact nature of the test project and the scope of the POC there are many other options available

What's included?

Details of the Data Migration Proof of Concept will vary depending on the individual situation but generally they'll include:

  • A written preliminary understanding and definition of scope including selection of the data files
  • Consulting help for set-up
  • On-going consulting or "touch-base" help as required and/or negotiated

Contact UCT for more information

UCT is pleased to showcase our expertise, methodology, and tools in real customer environments. We know you will be pleased, too. For more information about our proof of concept services, contact Rae Albertini at (972) 717-5690 or submit our online information request form.

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